Bonding and good times at the KYOSHO CUP with work colleagues from Makino R&D

Its always fun hanging out with team members

The Kyosho cup started in 1993 and is based on the concept of "a race event for ordinary people" (now also open to student teams).

This is one of only a few team competitions in Japan, so many people from around the country participate each year. One team that stands out with its distinctive light green team uniform is Makino R&D, which has a car with matching green body color and black trim.

Members of the Makino R&D team are from the Makino Milling Works, a top tier national manufacturer that markets NC EDM machines, NC milling machines, CAD / CAM systems, etc. with machining centers for molds and parts for the aircraft industry. With national and international presence, this global company and its affiliates employs about 4000 people.

According to Toru Nakajima, the Makino R&D team now involves about 20 people and started with a group of volunteers backed up by Makino Milling Works, to compete in the Kyosho Cup as part of club activities. In the beginning, the members in Fuji Katsuyama (Yamanashi Prefecture) invited members from Atsugi (Kanagawa Prefecture) to join in the club activity and race with electric cars. After deciding to try engine-powered cars and compete in the Kyosho Cup, engine cars became the main focus.

Unlike other racing events, the Kyosho Cup is a team event so all members can share in the enjoyment and excitement of racing. Success depends not just on the driver but also the mechanic and pit crew can share in the drama that makes each race a memorable story. Words cannot describe the sense of achievement from winning.

Even when only one team member is competing, every member of the team goes to the track to cheer. This is the unique solidarity of the Makino R&D team. There are other benefits to organizing social club activities at the company. As there are two offices, one in Atsugi and the other in Fuji Katsuyama, the club brings people together from different departments.

Club activities are useful in creating networks within the company. For example, I can get special help and advice when I go to Atsugi. In addition to the race, the club provides lots of opportunities for organizing fun activities such as BBQ’s, fishing and drinking nights after qualifying sessions.