At what point does a young samurai enjoy the feeling of victory?

Kota Akimoto’s victory at the 2009 JMRCA 1/10 Electric Off-Road Japan Championship in the 2WD class coincided with the breaking of Kyosho’s 19 year Japan National title drought in the R/C electric category. In the face of fierce competition from other Japanese and international drivers, this young samurai drove the electric category for TEAM KYOSHO.

「While I was extremely happy to win the Japan National title, when I look back, I was only 19 years old and wasn’t thinking too far ahead. Of course every car maker is competing at R/C championships around the world where the KYOSHO banner is displayed, so while my focus is still on winning, now I also ask myself what do users of the same KYOSHO machine that I drive want? What will make them like it more?」

「I would like more people to use KYOSHO machines and understand their great performance capabilities. For that purpose, I guess the best thing I can do is keep winning races. KYOSHO machines have plenty of good points, but what I like most about KYOSHO compared to other makes is the user-friendly specifications.

In addition to skill level and driving style, members of TEAM KYOSHO come from diverse backgrounds and ages, so a wide range of views are incorporated into creating racing machines. That’s why specifications of KYOSHO machines aren’t biased and easier for people to use. Nothing pleases me more than seeing people driving KYOSHO machines using the same setting data as TEAM KYOSHO members.」