R/C models recreate the feel for speed that cannot be understood through numbers.

How fast in km/h is an R/C model? You’ve probably been asked this question if you have an R/C model. Most often the answer given is “not really sure, but about …”. The maximum speed varies greatly depending on the category of model so this can be a difficult question to answer. To make it easier, here is the maximum speed of some Kyosho R/C models.

Starting from the left, RC Surfer 3: 16km/h, MINI-Z: 17km/h, Drone Racer: 34km/h, Jet Stream 888VE: 60km/h, Inferno MP9 TKI4: 70km/h and V-ONE R4 Evo.: 100km/h. Based on these speeds do you think R/C models are fast or slow? I think the answer is relative. For example, the V ONE R4 Evo. runs at 100km/h; close to the cheetah which fastest land animal, so the V ONE R4 Evo. is fast. On the other hand, the MINI-Z runs at about 17km/h, which is half the speed of an athlete. People who drive the MINI-Z understand that even 17km/h feels like an amazing speed. The sense of speed is so great that your eyes can hardly keep up and surpasses real car racing, even if you are driving!

Speed measured in km/h is only part of the sense of speed, and this is the attraction of R/C models. For the record, 325.12km/h is the fastest R/C car as confirmed in the Guinness Book of World Records and was set by American Nick Case on 25th October 2014. That is even faster than touring cars racing in the Japanese Super GT! Even though it was a fully custom-built R/C car, when you look at this record you can understand that the speed limit for R/C cars is unknown.