MINI-Z connects people together

So much more fun than golf or hot yoga

Generally speaking, R/C cars are regarded as a “male hobby”. However, recently at the MINI-Z Cup and Kyosho Cup, racing classes for beginners have seen increased participation of children and women. Mrs. Inagaki was one of the racers, demonstrating the form that took her to a podium finish at the MINI-Z Cup. A lover of golf and hot yoga, Mrs. Inagaki works at Kawagoe Tart sweet shop.

「If you don’t like R/C cars, you probably like real cars, or models or mechanics. So why an interest in the MINI-Z?

“My first MINI-Z experience was in July 2008. This was when I went with my husband to the MINI-Z Circuit. When I had free time at the shop, I used to drive the MINI-Z. It was quite difficult and I crashed all the time (LOL)”.」

「I am quite persistent and I couldn’t accept defeat so I promised to get better at driving!

From then on I became absorbed with the MINI-Z. I tried to match the times of faster drivers and enjoyed practicing by myself. I also enjoyed racing in the MINI-Z Cup with other drivers I’d never met before and going to events with a group of friends. Cheering my friends at races and chatting about the MINI-Z afterwards was a great way to spend time. Also, racing the MINI-Z is great for stress relief. Making friends with other MINI-Z racers from all over Japan and sharing our experiences has been of great value to me. That is why I find the MINI-Z is a deeper experience than golf or hot yoga. Also, I worry about getting sunburnt with golf and I can enjoy the MINI-Z indoors, regardless of the weather.」