Nothing better than the easy MINI-Z!!

Mr. Koya Noda, Editor in Chief of GT-R Magazine, Kotsu Times Co. Ltd.

The 60th anniversary of the Skyline in 2017 is also an important year in the history of the MINI-Z. The new shape R33 GT-R body was launched to complete the full GT-R line up from the R32 GT -R to the R35 GT –R. “The full line up of GT-R’s is a crowd-pleaser for GT-R fans” said, Mr. Noda, editor in chief of GT-R Magazine.

Actually, Mr. Noda was a finalist with Kyosho’s ‘V-ONE’ GP touring car at the Japan National Championships in a supreme demonstration of RC driving skills in addition to his deep knowledge of full-size cars.  

「The feeling of speed from GP touring cars is breathtaking, that is why I was really into it. On the other hand, there are lots of things to consider in running the car so its not easy if I’m busy.

Compared to that, the palmtop size of the MINI-Z means I can drive it around inside my house. Also, the immaculate body finish is good enough to enjoy as a display model. As the body is so good, I hesitate to drive it. 

Also, if you install optional parts it is easy to tune-up the machine yourself which can’t be so easily done on a real car. These parts are also low in price so if you’re like me and enjoy modifying a lot, its so much easier compared to real cars. Anyone who loves cars would feel the same. The more your tune and modify, the more you will love your car.」

The general opinion is that R/C cars are easier than real cars, but even amongst R/C cars, the MINI-Z is ‘really easy’, which is one of its greatest benefits.

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