Mini-Z: Deepening the bond between parents and children

On a given day at MINI-Z Circuit, you can see and hear the happy banter between parents and their children while working together on MINI-Z models. One father said; 「My son has no down time as each day is packed with other activities like piano, English lessons, calligraphy, soccer and swimming. It’s my role as his father to make sure my son has some time to relax. I had an interest in R/C cars so my son and I started with the MINI-Z together, which he enjoys very much. As his driving improves, we will be able to race together and have even more fun.」

Another father commented, 「I purchased a second-hand MINI-Z to start my R/C car hobby and as I was driving it around my living room my son also became interested. Now I go to the circuit every week and my son says, “Computer games are easy but the MINI-Z is quite difficult. I enjoy it because the more work I put in, the more I can see my driving improve”. Another way I enjoy the Mini-Z is by setting goals. Ultimately I want to stand on the winner’s podium! These things motivate you to continue with the MINI-Z.」

Like the parents above, many children will become interested in the MINI-Z due to influence from their fathers, but not always. One father said, 「Personally I’m impartial about R/C cars but my son wants to start driving the MINI-Z so I’m here to support his hobby.Of course my son loves to race but he also like modifying the machine and now he is totally focused on the MINI-Z.」

People take up the Mini-Z for different reasons however one thing is certain; the circuit is filled with the happy shouts and cries of both parents and children. Would you like to step into this fun world of the MINI-Z?